Our DJ Equipment

State of the Art Equipment

Each of our sound systems is a professionally designed, visually attractive display with all of the components necessary for exceptional sound quality. Our sound systems are designed by experienced professional sound engineers so that you can enjoy crystal clear vocals and hear all the instruments with pure clarity.

We use state of the art equipment to provide our clients with the best in audio, performance and dependability for their event. With that in mind, we have designed several sound systems to match the size of the party. Whether you are hosting a 100 guest or 300 guest, we have the perfect system that will match the size of your event.

Perfect Sound Quality

Selecting the perfect system will enhance the clarity of the music without forcing a smaller system to play louder which always results in distortion. We also dont stop at just sounding good, looking presentable is just as important. That's why all our systems are mounted in specially designed cases.

When we setup we make sure that all unslightly wires are covered to keep everything looking neat and clean and we tie down our cables for safety purpose.As technology improves, we update our equipment. Currently for example we employ UHF type wireless microphones with multi-channel capability which improves vocal clarity and reduce interference. We have begun incorporating the latest digital MP3 technology using our computers.

Plasma Screen Video

If unique is what you seek...then our big plasma screen video presentation is just for you. Imagine the surprise when the lights go down, and two plasma TV screen goes up and an exclusive five minute video presentation begins. You can also dance the night away to your favorite videos displayed on the plasma TV's. Bring us up to 50 of your favorite pictures and maybe some home movie clips.

We'll put everything on DVD and Video and dub your choice of music to the background. As an extra bonus, you get to keep the tape and DVD to cherish forever! The plasma screen service is a fun way to entertain your guests. This includes us creating (up to 50 pictures), and showing your DVD at your event on a projection screen with music.

 Enhance your room or reception hall with beautiful up-lighting effects.
Up-lighting can be placed on the floor to shine up columns or up walls and other props to give that extra appeal. Choose from many different colors to beautifully match your style, theme or the desired feel you're looking for.